I’m a winner! I entered the Tshirt contest at one (of my many) local breweries & won!

If you don’t know, New Jersey is FULL of craft breweries. Heck, I even had my wedding after party at one- it’s practically a staple in NJ now to hang out or at least visit one of the over 100 places here (for real)! Czig Meister Brewing is one of our favorites in the area and every year for Oktoberfest they go ALL OUT. The town closes the street and a bunch of local vendors come out and you can walk around and drink good beers (or not) and shop and eat and it’s pretty magical and amazing. They even have stein holding competitions, a wiener dog race, and a bunch of crazy oktoberfesty things that I didn’t even know about until I went.

I entered the contest much like how I do most things- I submitted my drawing like I was dropping off someone at the bus stop and hoping they get to where they need to go… “Good luck Buddy!”.

A few weeks later I found out I won! And not only did I win the Tshirt design that they were going to print on the back of their shirts, but I was also getting VIP tickets to Oktoberfest! The parking spot alone was gold! My husband and I had so much fun watching the events and enjoying everything and so many dogs. SO. MANY. DOGS!!! Cheers Czig Meister and thanks for the opportunity for this artist to cross something else off of my bucket list!