I’m lucky enough to live in a town where we have the most amazing local coffee shop! Beanbury Coffee & Kitchen is one of those perfect places to grab a quick coffee and a muffin or hang out and catch up and has truly been a staple in my weekly sanity since the pandemic started. They opened in March 2020 (yea THAT March 2020) and after being so excited for them to open just to have ostensibly the whole world shut down I couldn’t help but alway be rooting for their success. Owners Allie & Nick are sweet as can be and their coffee shop is probably one of my favorite places to be.

Since opening in 2020 they’ve not only made it through a weird pandemic period, but they have THRIVED! Seriously- their parking lot is always packed and people park on the street of the busy 2 lane highway to get in there.

In March of 2023 they celebrated their third anniversary and I was in a drawing mood (which I am known to do). I drew up a fun retro style illustration and posted it to instagram (if you’re not following me, I’m not even really sure you should be here?) tagged them, smiled, and carried on with my day.

A few days later I got a message from Beanbury saying that they had alot of people ask if this was going to be available on merch (CAN YOU EVEN?!- just wait) and they wanted to buy my illustration so that they could put it on tshirts. After I came to, I couldn’t believe it! My favorite place wants to use a thing that I drew with my hands for their shop! Graphic Designer makes design for their favorite coffee shop. What a dream!

Fast forward to July and would you take a look at that- tshirts!! And they even have my little ‘at’ signature on them… and let me tell you seeing them on strangers in the wild will never not be crazy to me.

What a great day! Thank you Beanbury for giving me the opportunity to cross something off of my graphic designer bucket list <3