antonia tee┬áis actually antonia taggart, and she’s a graphic designer… pretty neat right?

Antonia is a 30-something full time art director for a fancy packaging company by day and by night (& weekends) she’s an illustrator, hand letterer, and all around creative lady brain. She graduated from college outside of Boston, MA where she majored in Graphic Design and finished school in just 3 years with a Bachelors of Science, though she isn’t a scientist. During the day, as an Art Director and Designer in the digital, printing and package design industry, Antonia has hands-on experience with production pre-press art files and operating printing machines first-hand (She’s climbed in printers before- in a dress!). Her experience helps her design projects artistically while keeping in mind the end results and how they would need to be created.

Antonia can also be found under the name ‘antonia tee’ as she is referred to with freelancing as an illustrator/graphic designer and has a light and humorous approach to both hand and digital illustration as well as some creative crafty things. She has been operating an etsy shop since 2011 selling prints, stationery, enamel pins and original art. Antonia currently lives in Northwestern New Jersey with her husband and cat Poppy. On the rare occasion when she’s not doing creative stuff and things, she can usually be found listening to podcasts, trying pinterest recipes, and making up stories about her cat. Antonia also is a stationery hoarder and likes going on adventures to nearby cities to see if she can find fun walls to take photos in front of or an all-day brunch menu to try. She’s also a coffee and nap enthusiast, which seems counterintuitive, but her many coffee mugs and throw blankets can convince you otherwise.

Interested in working with her or debating why fall is the best season? Wanna just say hello? Find her anywhere on the internet